Month: September 2021

Updated Letter for September

In order to facilitate this testing, we will unfortunately have to stagger the return to school for students. The start of term arrangements will be as follows:

Friday 3 September 2021 – Transition day for Y7

DateArrival Time at SchoolYearGroups
Friday 3rd September9:00am77MHE, 7MHS
9:30am77TCY, 7LON
10:00am77LBK, 7SSS
10:30am77EAD, 7JTL, 7VHP
11:30am12DRE, GPN, CMS
12:00am12KPN, HBY, ASH, AES

Monday 6th September 2021

DateArrival Time at SchoolYearGroups
Monday 6th September8:40am7, 12 & 13All
9:00am11KPS, MRH, ECY
9:30am11PFT, CHS, JNN
10:30am11IGI, HKY, DCA
11:00am10JJS, KWA, ETL
11:30am10JBH, TRE,SHE
12:00am10CAY,DHT, KGS
Date Arrival Time at School YearGroups
Tuesday 7th September 8:40am7,10,11,12&13All
9:00am8RBM, LBS, ECT
9:30am8KPA, KPW,BAN
10:00am8VKI, TSY, LMC
11:30am9LML, NPR, ATL
12:00am9CWS,JCR, AHN
1:00pm9EBH, JSR

Wednesday 8 September onwards

All year groups should arrive at 8.40am from this point forwards

Please click the link below to view the updated letter for September.