Located east of the campus is the Educational Support Department. At the heart of Educational Support is a suite of rooms that cater for student support for subjects across the curriculum. The Educational Support Department is part of the larger provision team; this includes The Success and Target Centre, Level Up, EAL Support and Alternative Curriculum Support.

Expertise and a plethora of skills run through educational support, which is fronted by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Miss J Wells. The Educational Support team consists of an experienced SENCO, Assistant SENCO and 10 highly and diversely experienced Teaching Assistants. For information on the Northamptonshire County Council Local SEN Offer, please click here.

Educational Support and other Entitlement Team staff help and support students with a variety of additional needs. These include learning, emotional and social difficulties as well as physical and sensory impairment. Support is delivered with specific targets, which students receive through both individual withdrawal lessons and in-class support, across the curriculum. In addition, we operate literacy, numeracy and handwriting support groups across Key Stage 3.

We also have a Teaching Assistant who gives support to students who speak English as an additional language; again this is delivered through both in-class support and withdrawal lessons.

As a department, we take great pride in offering educational and pastoral support to meet individual student needs, so that all students can achieve to the best of their ability.


IQM Quality Mark Bronze accreditation for mental health stigma

Support Tools for Students