Giving Back – Extending Beyond the Sixth Form Community

We view being part of the sixth form as a privilege and with the rights we give our students comes responsibility. Becoming a well-rounded human being, with sensitivity, understanding, compassion and an ability to serve others is important to us. It also assist our students with time management, as they balance their different commitments. Below are some of the ways we expect our students to give back beyond the sixth form.

Community Service

All students commit an hour per week to help others within school. This could be running a club of some kind, like PE or Drama, doing a break duty, supporting a class of younger students in their favourite subject, helping in the library, doing displays, or anything else they have an idea for.

Tutor Support

Once a week all students support a form tutor lower down the school; Year 12s go to Year 7 and 8 and help with reading activities; Year 13s go to Year 9, 10 and 11 and support with homework, revision, mentoring, options and progression


We run three student committees to organise events for the sixth form, but also sometimes the wider school. One of our most popular is the social committee’s annual Halloween event. We have increasing numbers getting involved in the school’s Race For Life as well as raising money to send a sixth form student to the National Kickboxing Championships abroad. This year we are proud to be supporting the Christmas backpack event, providing valuable resources for the homeless, as well as getting involved with Jeans for Genes, Red Nose Day and Children in Need. Our sporting committee regularly plan and run dodgeball and basketball events for the whole sixth form to let off some steam.

Friday Afternoon Enrichment

This time slot has been allocated as part of our Block 5 provision. With very few taught lessons at this time we have put together a programme for students which includes using the facilities at Goals and Danes Camp but also made links with Delapre Abbey and two local residential care homes. Our sixth formers will be going and spending the afternoon talking and playing games with elderly residents, or running activities and tours in the gorgeous venue at the Abbey. Other students have chosen to use this time for extra community service in school, building further relationships with staff and younger students and really making a difference. This is also the slot where our leadership team and committees meet.