Dress code

Smart, Business Dress

The rationale behind our dress code is to set a smart, professional tone for our most senior students, as they become young adults. There is a certain amount of judgement required when considering “smart, business dress” but the guidelines below should help students select clothes that suit their personal style and are within our parameters. We are more than happy to discuss items before money is spent. If we have concerns about students’ clothing we will always speak directly to them in the first instance, calmly and discreetly.

Smart, fitted trousersDenim
Smart skirt or dress (no shorter than a couple of inches just above the knee)Inappropriately short skirt or dress
Smart jumper / cardiganHoodies, sweatshirts, baggy knitwear
Blouse / smart top, including sleevelessLeather trousers, skirt or jacket
Shirt / Collared polo shirt tucked into trousersStrappy top
Suit / waistcoat/ jacketBelly tops that show midriff – standing or sitting
Smart, polishable shoesSportswear or trainers
Earrings no bigger than 50pRound neck T-Shirts
One nose studNose-rings or other facial piercings
Smart tailored shorts in hot weather (no shorter than a couple of inches just above the knee)