Health and Wellbeing

Being part of a sixth form community can be rewarding, exciting yet challenging. Throughout your life as a sixth former at Abbeyfield School, there will be multiple opportunities for you to get involved within a range of extra-curricular activities from Shakespeare performances, to essay writing competitions to volunteering with the local community. These will all help you to become a well-rounded individual and the best ‘you’ you can be! To help and support you through this exciting journey are the excellent pastoral team who are dedicated to ensuring that all students are able to develop the necessary skills they need to succeed in their chosen path.


During your sixth form life, there will be times when life can get stressful. However, it is important to remember that this is normal and that there are many ways you can manage it. Balancing your workload with social activities will ensure you are taking those much needed rest breaks from intense study. You will need to work out a schedule to make sure you can include all of the things you need to do and the things that you love to do for example, completing coursework and revision, spending time with family and friends, a part time job and just chilling out. It is important that you are proactive in creating a schedule that encompasses all these areas as this will help you manage your own well-being in a positive way. Planning sessions are included on your tutor timetable so you can learn how to manage your time effectively and to ensure you do this routinely.
Healthy eating, balancing sleep and exercising can all assist in creating a healthy body and mind. It is important that you stay hydrated in order to improve your attention span and concentration. Eating healthily can even improve your mood and memory ability.
PSHE Curriculum (Tutor Time)

When joining Abbeyfield sixth form, you will be allocated a form tutor who will support you through your day-to-day challenges. During both assemblies and tutor time, a comprehensive programme of PSHE and life skills will be developed. You will learn how to budget for university, how to make cheap, easy and affordable meals and even how to change a duvet! Throughout this programme, you will also be given advice and support on how to manage your time, both in and out of school, including weekly planning activities. Your tutor will also be able to provide advice and strategies for revision and dealing with exam stress.
Wellbeing group

As part of your tutor programme there is also the opportunity to attend a cycle of wellbeing sessions led by the head of sixth form, Mrs Dedman. These sessions are designed to promote and raise awareness of mindfulness and students can learn key skills such as stress reducing strategies and meditation.

At Abbeyfield, we also have a mentoring initiative which provides students with extra support and communication when they need it. Mentors also help develop study skills and strategies that will help their students cope with the ever demanding nature of A-levels and sixth form. Mentors also help students deal with the transition from Year 11 to sixth form and the new environment. They will always be there to help you make the difficult decisions that you will need to make throughout your two year sixth form life. Combined with your tutor, your mentor will also help you make key decisions about post-sixth form and will ensure you have all the information you need about higher education, apprenticeships and the world of work.
Outside Speakers

Within the sixth form we have a wide range of outside speakers who attend regularly to educate students on health and wellbeing topics including blood and organ donation. In addition to this, students attend an annual sexual health presentation to ensure they are aware of the dangers of having unprotected sex.
School Nurse

The school nurse is also available for appointments to provide professional medical advice about both physical and mental health concerns.

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