Working at Abbeyfield

Abbeyfield School is an 11 – 18 school, predominantly serving the South East of Northampton, although students are welcome to apply for a place from across the town.

The school enjoys excellent new buildings that meet the needs of learning in the 21st Century. It boasts a state of the art theatre that befits its status as the only Specialist Performing Arts College in Northampton. In the last few years we have been at the forefront of curriculum innovation and now offer our students an extensive and relevant curriculum choice. Rated ‘GOOD’ by OFSTED in May 2016- to read the full report, please click here – our mission is to develop the full academic, personal and social potential of each individual student.

The School has a growing reputation for success and has become increasingly popular in the local community. We have high expectations of our students and are an inclusive community and welcome all students from all backgrounds. At the heart of our ethos is the aim to instil in students self esteem, self respect and confidence.Our Values are Ambition, Achievement, Equality, Respect and Care . These values have been adopted to support the success and development of our students and form the basis of the Abbeyfield Code.

We are ambitious to succeed as individuals and as a community. We prioritise the achievement of all our students and respects each others’ right to learn.

We ensure that everyone is treated equally and with care irrespective of our differences and difficulties.

We work hard to succeed so that we are qualified and prepared to grasp all opportunities that higher education and the work place offer us.

We try our best to succeed in everything we do.

We treat others fairly and give everybody the chance to participate.

We listen to each other, speak politely and show consideration for others’ feelings and property.

We display behaviour which keeps ourselves and others feeling safe at all times.