Mission and Values

Ambitious to Achieve

Mission Statement

Abbeyfield School is committed to providing a high quality, memorable learning experience for our students. Our aim is to provide a rich, engaging curriculum within the classroom alongside extension and enrichment activities. There is a shared commitment to supporting, inspiring and challenging every young person in order for them to achieve their personal best in terms of academic outcomes. Of equal value is the students’ personal and social development, equipping them with the life and employability skills needed for successful adulthood. A recognition that a healthy mind and body is essential underpins our planning and provision. High expectations and positive relationships permeate all aspects of school life. A calm, purposeful environment built around our core values provides the opportunity for all to succeed.

We are ambitious for our students, placing a strong importance on links with the community, higher education and employers in order to widen horizons and support aspirational goals. Building and sustaining positive and constructive partnerships between our students, school and parents/carers is of paramount importance. We are passionate about students, staff and parents having the opportunity both to influence the day to day experiences of our students and to inform our improvement planning.

We are ambitious to achieve excellence.

Our Values:

Creativity, Honesty, Independence, Resilience, Respect, Responsibility.

Attend to Achieve                                            Right to Teach, Right to Learn