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'Attend to Achieve'

At Abbeyfield School, we have high standards for all of our students, and we are committed to promoting outstanding attendance for all. All students begin school on 100% attendance we strive to keep it this way!

There is a strong link between good attendance and attainment, alongside the power of promoting well-being and creating strong relationships with staff and peers. This is the experience we for all of our young people and we are proud to have strong Attendance and Pastoral teams who will work to support you as a family.

 The Government sets a 96% target for all students.We believe outstanding attendance is above 98% and this is our school target for all of out students. If attendance drops below 90%, your child is classed as a persistent absentee. It is the parent/carer responsibility to inform the school on a daily basis if their child will be absent.

To report an absence please either email or call 01604 763616 and leave a message before 8am.

If we have not received notification of an absence and have been unable to contact you, we may conduct a home visit. Every student will receive a home visit after day 3 of any absence.





Any medical appointments should be made outside school hours, however if this is not possible medical evidence such as a doctors note or hospital letters should be provided for the school, otherwise these absences will not be authorised.

Please be aware that parental notes informing of appointments will not be sufficient.

Students are expected to attend school before and after any appointment.

If a student is unwell and needs to go home a Parent, Carer or named contact will be contacted and asked to collect the student. Should a Parent come to collect a student without a member of staff contacting home, the absence will not be authorised.

Please note the only reason lateness will be authorised is if it is due to a medical appointment, or illness.