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Chromebook Scheme

As we welcome your child to Abbeyfield School, we are delighted to offer you a fantastic opportunity to be part of the school’s Chromebook scheme. 

Your child will be able to take advantage of a unique package we have put together; to have a Chromebook to use both in school and at home.  

All students need a device to make this initiative successful. As a school, we are making a considerable investment towards this new technology.

How can I pay for the device?

The tables below outline the payment plans for each year group depending on the year intake.

You can choose to split the cost over several transactions or pay the full amount in one transaction. 

All payments will be managed via our cashless platform, ParentPay. 

If you are eligible for the Pupil Premium and require financial assistance please contact

Frequently asked questions 

How will the device be used in the classroom?

Chromebooks are excellent tools to support and enhance learning and promote creativity such as accessing Office 365 applications. It will be students’ planners and their place to organise their knowledge. It will be the way to access extended learning through the Microsoft Teams app. Students will use it to quiz themselves, communicate with their teachers and to collaborate with their peers.

We seek to equip all our students with the necessary skills and modes of thinking so that they will succeed in a constantly changing society, where high levels of skill in the use of new technologies is the currency for employment.

Will the device be used in all lessons? 

Not always. There will be times when it is not suitable, such as when students will complete practice exam question or, simply, when best practice is to use pen and paper. There will also be the opportunity for students to decide which is the best learning tool for the job! For example, students may decide to simply take notes on paper rather than using their device. We are keen to develop independent learning skills and support students in finding the most effective learning and revision techniques.

Will students still use pen and paper?

Yes, most subjects will still use exercise books regularly. Students will be expected to regularly practice their handwriting as they will face formal written exams in Y11. Students will be expected to bring writing equipment to school as they do currently. We would like students to develop a good understanding of when traditional mediums are best and when technology is best, for example using pen and paper to develop quick ideas, then writing up best work in a word processor.

What will I have to pay if my child damages their Chromebook or it needs a repair?

If this happens, contact and the school will arrange the repair. There will be a minimum fee of £25 for all repairs (damaged screen or keyboard etc). However, on occasion, the cost may be higher depending on the damage to the Chromebook. Payment for the repair must be received before the repair is carried out.

If you are eligible for the Pupil Premium and require financial assistance with this, please contact

What happens if the Chromebook is lost or stolen?

If a Chromebook is lost or stolen, it is important that it is reported to IT Department by emailing as soon as possible so they can disable the Chromebook so it can no longer be used. In the case of a theft this should be reported to the police and a crime number obtained.

A new device will be issued once an investigation has taken place and a replacement fee of £75.00 will need to be received before the replacement Chromebook is issued. For any subsequent loss or theft, the cost of a replacement will be £150.00.

Can we get a spare or replacement charger?

The device is equipped with a battery that is more than capable of lasting the school day during normal use, therefore we recommend keeping your charger safe at home. Replacement/spare chargers can be purchased via the school’s ParentPay system. 

What technical support and training will be provided? 

Students are actively using Office 365 as part of their normal IT lessons and so are prepared for using these apps on their device.

What if my child leaves the school? 

If your child leaves Abbeyfield School, you will be contacted about any remaining balance. If you decide not to pay any remaining balance, you must return it to the school.

Can I connect the Chromebook to the internet at home?

Wireless internet access at home is required to access the internet on the Chromebook. If you do not have wireless internet access at home, many of the Chromebook apps will still work, however email and browsing the internet will not work until the Chromebook is reconnected to a wireless network with internet access.

If you are eligible for the Pupil Premium and require help accessing the internet at home please contact

Will the Chromebook usage be monitored at home?

Yes. The same internet restrictions will be in force at home as they are in school, with access recorded and safeguarding monitoring in place. We do still ask that parents monitor their child’s Chromebook usage whilst at home.

My child already has a Chromebook / Laptop / Tablet, can they bring this to school instead?

It is not possible to bring personal devices into school as they will not work with the school’s systems. The Chromebooks have been specially configured to access the school networks and have added security to restrict access to the Chromebook, Chrome Apps, and the Internet.

What is the CET E-safety Policy and Acceptable Use Policy?

This is a document that contains rules and procedures that staff and students should follow when accessing the internet using a school device. This policy can be found on the school website.

What are the Chromebook Policy and Procedures?

This is a document that contains detailed information specific to the Chromebooks and we encourage students and parent/carers read this document thoroughly, the document can be found on our website.

Why have you chosen a Chromebook?

We have chosen the Chromebook as our student device as they are very quick to load, from pressing the power button is takes around 5-10 seconds for the Chromebook to be ready to use, if in sleep mode then this time is reduced to 3-5 seconds.

It has built in virus protection that is automatically updated along with the ChromeOS operating system.

The battery life is also very good and will operate for up to 12 hours on a full charge.

The Chromebook allows students to access some great programs and apps designed specifically for learning.

The Chromebooks are a more affordable option, compared to other devices that were considered.