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Independent Learning

At Abbeyfield school we believe that homework is an integral part of education, this is because:

  • It promotes students’ self-discipline and personal responsibility
  • Reinforces work studied in lessons
  • Strengthens connections between long term and working memory
  • Allows parents to become involved in their child’s learning
  • Is valuable in ensuring students’ progress

The EEF (Educational Endowment Foundation) say that homework can add up to 5 months of progress.

At Abbeyfield, homework is largely set online. All students have chromebooks to help facilitate this. It is students responsibility to ensure they are working.

Core subjects

Students can use their Chrome books to log into these websites and complete their homework.

To help form routines, the homework is on the same website every week all year.

For all three programmes, students use their school email/Microsoft login, which has one login. This is also the same as their school email address.

Student email addresses are in the form where xx is the year they started Abbeyfield, aa is the first two letter of there first name and bb is the first two letters of their surname. For example, a year 7 student, who started in 2023, called Rachel Green would have the following email address:

Common errors in recalling email addresses include:

    •                           (missing school)
    •                 ( instead of
    • Misspelling abbeyfield                   (i and e the wrng way round is quite common)
    • Missing the number befre their four letter initals or using the wrong number


Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

At Key stage 3, we expect students to complete homework in English, Maths and Science. For these subjects we use the above programs. Students are not set regular homework in other subjects.

Key Stage 4 (year 10 and 11)

At Key stage 4, the homework requirement for English, maths and science are the same as at Key stage 3.

Students will also be set homework in other (non-core) subjects. This is set on Teams by the teacher. Different subject will have different requirements depending on their course and any non-exam assessment that needs to be completed.

What can I do to support my child?

Sparx maths has videos to explain how to complete the questions - try watching with your child and working through examples with them.

Please remember that all parents receive emails from Sparx and Tassomai about how much homework their child has completed. These come directly on from the programme, so please check your junk mail.

  • Sit with them as they complete their homework, at least to begin with.
  • Check email from Sparx and Tassomai, to see how much homework your child is completing
  • Ensure your child has a quite and calm place to complete their homework.
  • Set a routine for when your child can complete their homework, alarms on your/their phone might help, and keep the routine regular.
  • Encourage you child to speak to their teacher if there are any issues.


Bedrock Learning

20 points per week




100 % completion OR

> 80% if they spend more than 40 minutes of Sparx




One weekly goal (four daily goals)