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Information for Parents

At Abbeyfield we are working hard to provide the best environment for all our students to both enjoy & engage with their education, to learn that every individual has the capacity to exceed expectations and to understand that positive relationships are key to success. We wish to achieve the same with all our student's families, carers and the local community we serve. 

In order to achieve this aim we understand the importance of collaboration, respect and clear communication with parents.   

Uniform is an integral part of our school, and we would request parents support in ensuring our students look the absolute best when they arrive to school. Please find below the uniform policy. If there are any queries or questions please contact us and speak to a member of the pastoral team (for your childs year group)in the first instance.

Contacting the school - The school should be contacted either via phone (01604 763616) or can be emailed via If you are attempting to contact a specific member of staff you may either call through the main number to see if they are available or feel free to email:


Please bear in mind that staff members may not be able to respond immediately (i.e if they are teaching) but in most cases should be able to respond before the end of the day.

Communications expectations - Please ensure that when communication is made to school that it is appropriate and respectful. We understand that in some cases emotions may be heightened however, we have a duty of care to all staff, as well as students, and inappropriate or threatening communication will be dealt with accordingly.

Ultimately as a school we are here to work with all parents/carers towards the same aim - the education and welfare of all our students. 

Parents evenings and reporting - Please check the school calendar which is updated with all dates concerning parents evenings, reports and exams/events. Please make every effort to attend during these events as we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and build positive relationships which will benefit our students.

Payments - Abbeyfield is a cashless school and therefore all payments, lunch, provisions, equipment expenses and trip payments are made via ParentPay. ParentPay is a web-based cashless system which allows payments to be made quickly and easily. If you require further information on ParentPay please contact the school and your call can be directed to the finance department. Alternatively an online knowledge base can be found here.

The future - As a growing school community we would very much like to form a PTA to - arrange events to bring the school community together, raise funds to benefit our students/the local community, help parents support each other and have a forum where they may feed back or share ideas which may benefit the school. Please watch this space as we will have some information being sent to parents/carers during the forthcoming next academic year (2023/2024) in this regard.

Please refer to the induction booklet below which contains all relevant information for the school including timings of the school day, policies and dates for parents.