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The ethos of Abbeyfield Mathematics department is that our subject can, and should be, enjoyable and rewarding for all. All teachers in the faculty strive to ensure that every student reaches their full potential; that they are well motivated and enjoy learning the subject. We are developing assured, happy and resilient mathematicians. To achieve this aim there is an emphasis on empowering our students to become creative learners who can think, reflect and solve problems.  

We are building a culture of deep understanding through the use of a mastery approach that produces strong, secure learning no matter what their starting point. They develop a sound understanding of our number system and are able to transfer numeracy skills to other areas of the curriculum and everyday life.   

In order for everyone to develop mastery in Maths, we ensure that we teach the key concepts in a variety of different ways; using manipulatives such as numicon, counting beads and fraction towers, where appropriate, to visualise and understand concepts before moving on to the abstract.  

In addition to regular informal assessment and feedback in lessons, students are formally assessed at the end of each topic.  The feedback from these assessments forms a plan for improvement in the term ahead.  Where students are falling behind, or requiring additional challenge, interventions or additional classes are provided as appropriate. 

We maintain high expectations at all times, making every minute count and encouraging all students to realise their full potential.