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Mind Maps

How to create a mind map

There is no wrong way to create a mind map, however below are some guidelines you may wish to follow:

  1. Put your main idea or topic in the middle of page and draw a circle around it.  This will be your starting point
  2. Add related keywords or phrases all around this, then use lines to connect these ‘first level branches’ to the starting point
  3. As needed, connect further keywords and phrases to the first level branches (these are called child branches)
  4. If needed, add further branches to your child branches


  • Use keywords and short phrases, not full sentences
  • Use images, icons and colour as you see fit.  These are really helpful memory triggers
  • Try to create a sense of hierarchy as you break down the information
  • Keep the mind map to one side of paper
  • Don’t worry about your artistic skills, it’s not a competition

How do I use my mind map?

Although there is an obvious and real benefit from just creating the mind map, more work now needs to be done.

Your mind maps need to be incorporated as part of your revision schedule.

You should revisit them on a regular basis, and use them in conjunction with other revision techniques.

Consider sticking them up around your home as a prompt to use them.