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Powerful Flash Cards

How to create powerful flash cards?

Take your blank flash card and use both sides of the card. On the front, write the concept, question or word. On the back write the answer. Create an index for your flash cards by writing a number in the bottom corner. It can also be helpful to use different colours for different subjects.

How to use your powerful flash cards?

Flash cards work by encouraging active recall. This has been shown to help our brains work most effectively.

Flash cards are great for spaced practice (meaning revisiting them at a later time). You can create a series of boxes or piles to indicate which ones you need to revisit and when.

Box 1– Everyday (stuff you keep forgetting)

Box 2– Every other day

Box 3– Once a week etc...

Powerful Flash Card Top Tips

Creating your own flash cards can be better than shop-brought ones as this can support retrieving old knowledge .

Try adding pictures to your Powerful Flash Cards. Images can make remembering things easier for some.

Try recalling information out loud before you check the answer on the back. Maybe work in study groups to team revise.

Use your Powerful Flash Cards backwards. Look at the answer and try to remember the question, word or concept.

Parental Support

You can help your child when they are using their  Powerful Flash Cards to recall information.

For example, when you are at the dinner table, you can get them to practise recalling information from memory. It can be tempting to reveal the answer when they say they don’t know. However, give them time to have a real good think before revealing the answer on the back.

If they get it wrong, they should add this card to a review soon box or pile.

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