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Remote Learning

Studying at home guidance for students

When you are working from home, we want to ensure that you are able to continue to make progress in all of your subjects. This guidance will set realistic expectations for what Remote Learning looks like.

We use a range of platforms to provide opportunities for home learning. From September 2025, we will utilise the Arbor Parent App to share details of home learning tasks that have been set for students.

How will it work?

  • The expectation is that you will follow your normal timetable as closely as possible.
  • For each lesson follow the guided resources on this document.
  • You should spend the length of the lesson completing this work
  • If you do not understand an element of the work, or need help, you should be proactive in seeking help from all available sources. This includes using your notes and textbooks, contacting your class teacher, and utilising other resources
  • If you are still unsure or require help, contact the relevant teacher through email or Teams.
  • Your teachers will respond no more than 24 hours after the timetabled lesson where possible.
  • Responses may take the form of individual, or whole class guidance
  • Your teachers will inform you if work should be shared with them, and how you should do this
  • Your teachers may use a variety of methods to give you feedback on your work.

How to be an excellent virtual learner

  • Keep your routine as close as possible to the normal school day.
  • Ensure you are working in an appropriate working environment, at a desk, and without distractions.
  • Put your phone away when you work.
  • You have a responsibility to be independent and proactive. Please contact the Academy if you experience any technical difficulties in accessing your work.




Microsoft Teams
You will be asked for you full academy email address. You may also be redirected to the CET login page where you should use your username and password.
Quick start guide to Microsoft Teams


Oak National Academy

Seneca Learning

Sparx Maths

Bedrock Learning

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