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The Library

Our Library

At Abbeyfield, our library is at the heart of the school, and we wholeheartedly believe that reading is a priceless treasure in the modern world. The library offers students the opportunity to read, explore, and study a range of fiction and non-fiction materials; we have over 13000 books available for our students.

Opening at 8am in the morning the library is the first port of call for many of our students who begin their day in a calm and purposeful way. During the day the library is used extensively in key stage 3 English lessons with students from year 7, year 8, and year 9 have timetabled library lessons. At the end of a busy day the library is open until 4pm where students can choose to unwind with some quiet time and a book or use the ICT facilities to get a head start on their homework.

Our aim at Abbeyfield is to ignite a passion for discovery and reading. Reading introduces pupils to new ideas and experiences that can be life-affirming and life-changing.

Accelerated Reader

At Abbeyfield, we use Accelerated Reader to assist students with their reading skills. It is a digital program that helps students and teachers to manage and monitor independent reading practice. Our library books are organised based on the level of difficulty of each book rather than the traditional Dewey Decimal system which allows students to then choose books that are appropriately challenging for their own individual reading level. As a result, students are always encouraged to be reading books that are the right blend of accessible and challenging. At the end of each book students complete a quiz which allows them to monitor their own reading progress whilst also providing an overview for their teacher of how successfully they have understood what they have read.

Using the Accelerated Reader program, we have monthly and termly rewards that ensure students who read regularly for enjoyment are recognised and celebrated. Prizes range from P points for getting 100% on a book quiz or for winning our termly prize to an afternoon pizza party for our converted 'millionaire's club' which celebrates the students who have read a million words in an academic year.

Engage in Curriculum Content

Our library works in conjunction with our school curriculum to ensure that students have access to books and reading materials that support, develop and expand their studies. There is a range of fiction and non-fiction books within the library that cover all subject areas as we appreciate the importance of our library and resources to not just personal well-being and good citizenship, but also to academic success. We are dedicated to ensuring that students understand how to select and evaluate information, and how to use it effectively and responsibly.

Independent Study

The library offers a great venue for independent study, and you will often find our sixth-form students making the most of the calm and purposeful learning environment. There is a range of computers available for students to use, study tables for group learning, and individual learning spaces to enable personal study and focus. 

Staff CPD Library

At Abbeyfield, it's not only the students who read and study. Our staff have access to a broad range of books where they can keep up-to-date with the latest developments in teaching and learning. Located behind the main desk, staff are able to choose books and topic areas that are of interest to them and can help them develop their practise.

Wider Reading

Whilst our library is a huge part of school life, we also understand the importance of students reading regularly for their own enjoyment and well-being. Ready is truly one of life key skills, so we provide students with reading lists to help maintain their interest in reading throughout their time at Abbeyfield.

Reading lists for each year group can be found in the attachments below.