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Year 9 Options

Introduction to the Options Process 

For the first time in their education, at the end of Year 9 our students have some choice in the subjects that they will study in Years 10 and 11. Part of the curriculum is fixed; the remainder of their timetable however will be made up of areas they can choose which could include GCSEs or vocational qualifications. 

We are committed to ensuring that all students enjoy their experience of learning in Years 10 and 11 and that they continue to strive to be the best that they can be. We encourage all students to choose courses that suit their needs that will challenge them and help them develop life skills to prepare for the future. 

Linked below you can find the information about all the courses available in Years 10 and 11.

The Year 10-11 Curriculum 

Our aim is that all our students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares them for their post-16 studies, the world of work and adult life. We believe that our curriculum is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of all our students in Years 10 and 11.  

Some subjects (the core) are compulsory, but we offer the opportunity for students to make choices about subjects to study to support their core curriculum. Details of these subjects are below. 




All students will study both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. 


All students will study GCSE Mathematics. 


All students will complete either ‘GCSE Combined Science’ or some will do ‘Triple Science (GCSE Biology/GCSE Chemistry/GCSE Physics)’. This decision will take place based on personal preference and data from the Y9 End of year assessment in science. This will not have an impact on other subjects/number of options. 

Personal Development 

All students will continue to study personal development which develops the qualities and attributes students need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. This is not an examined subject. 

Physical Education 

All students will continue to have PE lessons that will promote a healthy and active lifestyle, encourage participation in lifelong sport and develop key skills such as teamwork; co-operation; communication; and discipline. This is not an examined subject. 


A full list of Option Subjects can be found below;

GCSE Art and Design​ 

GCSE French 

GCSE Sociology​ 

GCSE Business Studies​ 

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition​ 

GCSE Religious Studies 

GCSE Computer Science​ 

GCSE Geography 

BTEC Health and Social Care​ 

GCSE Dance​ 

GCSE History​ 

BTEC Sport Studies 

GCSE Design and Technology 

GCSE Media Studies 


GCSE Drama​ 

GCSE Music​ 


English Baccalaureate subjects at GCSE 

We are committed to offering a curriculum which provides a broad, balanced, relevant and personalised learning experience for all our students. It should also help to deliver outstanding achievement for all. However, we also need to ensure that it provides as strong a foundation as possible for future progression. 

The government, employers and universities recognised that while it is important to offer students a curriculum which meets their needs and interests, it is also crucial that doors are not closed off to them in terms of future progression; for example, for students hoping to go to university. 

The Russell Group of top universities have identified ‘facilitating subjects’ at A Level i.e. subjects which are most likely to be required or preferred for entry to degree courses and ones that will keep the most options open. The subjects the Group have identified are those which the government has also included in a group of subjects at GCSE which is termed the ‘English Baccalaureate’ (EBacc) subjects. These are: 

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Sciences (Combined Science; Triple Science - Biology, Chemistry or Physics) 
  • Geography and History 
  • Modern Foreign Languages  

The government has created a performance measure for schools which records the performance of students in the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Sciences (two or more), History or Geography and a language. This reflects the importance which it, along with employers and universities, places on these subjects. 

To ensure that our students are prepared as fully as possible for their adult life, we have for many years now taken the decision that all students are required to opt for at least one additional EBacc subject (as well as the core curriculum of English, Mathematics and Science) as one of their GCSE options. 

The option form therefore requires all students to choose at least one subject from the following list: 

  • Geography 
  • History 
  • French 

Students will be able to choose freely for their remaining three options. They are, of course, able to choose further EBacc subjects as part of these remaining choices. 

Options Timetable 2024

Options Form 2024

Students are required to complete their options form using a Microsoft Form that has been emailed to them and which must be submitted by Thursday 14th March 2024. 

Subjects will be placed into option blocks for timetabling purposes after students have expressed their preferences; not all combinations of option choices will be possible, but we do our best to meet all our students’ first choices but, inevitably, this cannot be guaranteed. 

Please note that if a subject is undersubscribed, we may have to withdraw it. 

In cases where we are not able to offer a student all of their choices (inc. reserve choices), parents/guardians will be contacted, and students will be advised about the alternatives available to them. 

Provisional choices will be confirmed by early July. 

Key Dates 

  • Thursday 29th February 2024: Y9 Options Evening 
  • Thursday 7th March 2024: Y9 Parents’ Evening 
  • Thursday 14th March 2024: Option Form Deadline (9AM) 
  • Early July 2024: Confirmation of Options