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The Sixth Form

Overview of Curriculum and Expectations of Students

At Abbeyfield we view the Sixth Form as a time where students are given the skills, understanding and support that enables them to take their individual next step in life, confident that they can succeed in all that they do.  Whilst we have high expectations of all and we work hard to ensure academic success, our enrichment offers will help to ensure that those who leave us at the end of Year 13 will have the opportunity to develop in a wide range of areas, including leadership and resilience as well as having a clear picture of the wider world that awaits them. 

Student attainment has risen continually over recent years and we continue to work hard to make certain that this continues. However we also look to create an atmosphere where students are able to really enjoy their learning and where they feel part of the community, whether they have attended Abbeyfield in Year 11 or not.  

With these aims in mind Abbeyfield Sixth Form offers: 

  • Courses to suit students with a wide range of interests, talents and abilities.
  • The chance to select courses that you know you are good at, or new courses you have a particular interest in, as well as choosing courses which might be vocational; that is, courses which are linked to a particular career.
  • Quality teaching, support and guidance to ensure that you achieve success enabling you to leave fully equipped for Further or Higher Education or employment.
  • Focused support and guidance to enable you to make the right choices for your future, whether that be university, apprenticeships or employment.
  • The opportunity to take increasing responsibility for your own learning, develop new skills and qualities of leadership.
  • The chance to be part of a vibrant community, in some ways different to the rest of the school, with a wide variety of extra-curricular and social activities. We enjoy working together and you would be made to feel welcome and part of our 'team'.
  • Regular feedback on your progress through Parents' Day and Parents' Evening, effort grade reports and a fuller annual report. Form Tutors will help you review your progress and to set targets for further improvement.If you fall behind, you will be supported to get back on track
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The Application Process

We are delighted to welcome applications from students for our Sixth Form. To join Abbeyfield School Sixth Form, you must have achieved your Year 11 qualifications to a required standard, details of which are available from the Sixth Form Team and in the Sixth Form Prospectus.

In addition to academic qualifications, applicants will be required to demonstrate an acceptable track record of good attendance and attitude to learning. 

For information on find Abbeyfield School’s admissions policy for entry into Year 7 and the Sixth Form, please click here. Any questions of clarity or explanation can be referred to myself at

The Application Process is deliberately a long one to ensure that both you and the school get things right. All the way through the process, but particularly in the early stages, you should be seeking guidance from subject teachers, your Form Tutor and our designated Connexions Officer.

November: The Sixth Form Information Evening takes place. This gives you the opportunity to hear what Sixth Form staff and students have to say about life in the Sixth Form and to ask any questions before making your decisions. A provisional Sixth Form (Blocked) Options Form will be issued where you can up-date us with your intentions, relative to the newly blocked timetable for next year. If you wished you had been able to attend the meeting but missed it, please contact us and we will arrange for you to visit the school to meet the staff and students. If you are not at Abbeyfield but would like to come to the Information Evening, or to apply to Abbeyfield Sixth Form, please contact Mrs Cadd, Sixth Form Administrator for more information.

December: Year 11 mocks. These are a very important part of the application process as they will give you, your parents and your teachers a good guide to your likely grades in August. It is essential that you take them seriously and do your best. Teachers will be able to make relatively accurate predictions on the basis of your results.

January: The Results Afternoon. Here, if you are an Abbeyfield student, you receive your newly published GCSE grades for the November exams plus assessment grades for your other subjects. It will help you work out if you are on track for the grades you need and allow you to get advice on what to do now if you are not sure. You can also work on your Sixth Form application if you need to. If you are not an Abbeyfield you can be contacting Mrs Cadd or myself to arrange a time to visit the school on a working day to see if you would be comfortable here and to ask any questions about the way we do things here.

March: Abbeyfield applicants will receive a letter asking them to come to a consultation meeting to discuss their choices and to make sure these will enable them to follow their future pathway choices. Parents will be asked to come to the consultation to make sure they are happy with your choices and to enable them to ask any questions. Non-Abbeyfield applicants will have this meeting at a mutually convenient time; often on the visit day.

Summer: After the GCSE exams are over, there will be a two-day induction which all future Sixth Formers are expected to attend. This provides an opportunity to have sample lessons in chosen subjects, to respond to some fun challenges and to find out more about life in Year 12. This will be followed by a week of 'bridging'lessons to help you transfer from GCSE to Level 3 more easily

GCSE Results Day: Staff will be available in school on GCSE results day to advise students about their firm course choices. It is important that students confirm their time/date for their enrolment meeting with Sixth Form staff on that day or as soon as possible afterwards. Enrolment will take place on the final 2 working days before the first Training Day which takes place in September.

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The progress of all students will be reviewed at Progress Day, after the first half term in Year 12 to ensure that they have chosen the right courses and have made the necessary commitment to the work involved. At this stage, the school may suggest to individuals that they reconsider their options. It is only a rare occurrence that a decision is made at that stage that a student should not continue in the Sixth Form.

Any student wanting to join Abbeyfield School Sixth Form must have a good record of attendance, punctuality and behaviour. We expect high personal standards in addition to the academic criteria for admission


The Sixth Form has its own area within the school which has facilities for study at break, lunchtime and after school. Computers are available exclusively for Sixth Form use during the whole of school day, as well as literature and information about Higher Education and Careers. Also available is a Common Room area outside of lesson times. Students take a great deal of responsibility for maintaining the quality of this accommodation; it is their area and they are expected to treat it with respect. The Head of Sixth Form has an office in the Sixth Form area and is always available to help and support students.

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Ethos of the Sixth Form

In Abbeyfield School Sixth Form, we expect students to have a responsible attitude to work. Full attendance is required from Year 12 students at all registrations, assemblies and study periods as well as at timetabled lessons. Students must make a commitment to their courses, meeting deadlines and making sure that work is always done to the best of their ability. The prime concern in the Sixth Form is for the achievement of success in whatever courses each student has chosen. However, we also expect students to show commitment to the whole experience of being a part of the Sixth Form community, including social and extra-curricular activities. Students are also expected to maintain the highest standards of courtesy and co-operation, both as role models to younger students and in order to make the Sixth Form a pleasant environment in which to achieve success. We aim to encourage a climate of mutual respect where staff and students work together to this end. We celebrate success and encourage students to achieve by a system of rewards both for their own self-esteem and in a competitive environment. From September 2014, there will be a stricter dress code which empahsises that our primary purpose is to be focused on the business side of our education and success.

We hope that our students will have the highest aspirations and that Abbeyfield School Sixth Form will help them to achieve their goals. Every student should achieve more than they ever thought possible and to aim that bit higher each day.

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Sixth Form Activities

There is a Sixth Form Council which helps to shape life in the Sixth Form, alongside the work of the Leading students. It can put forward ideas which represent the views of the students and can organise a whole range of activities including social and charity events. During the year, students have the opportunity to take part in a range of university trips, cultural visits, charity events, workshops and social activities. We expect students to take a full part in these activities which encourage team-work and commitment and help to make the Sixth Form at Abbeyfield School a vibrant and positive experience. See the Sixth Form Community web page.

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Community Leadership

All members of the Sixth Form are required to designate one session per week to help in the life of the school or the wider community. Examples include helping younger students with reading, assisting classroom teachers, helping in the Library or Reprographics departments or supporting staff with administrative tasks. Community Leadership can also take place outside the School, for example at a local primary school or an out of school club.We also include a report on what has been done in the students' annual report.

Citizenship, PSHME and General Studies

Students in the Sixth Form follow a Personal, Social, Health, Moral and Citizenship programme which is designed to help them prepare for life when they leave Abbeyfield School. The programme includes a careers programme and a full induction into choosing courses at university and applying for Higher Education. Other issues, such as health education, finance, political awareness and current affairs are addressed through a programme which combines outside speakers with workshops and group activities. The programme is a vital part of life in the Sixth Form. Assemblies complement this programme and support the community ethos of the Sixth Form. These provide a chance to raise and discuss issues, celebrate achievement, share information and receive visitors

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"Why should I apply to enter Abbeyfield School Sixth Form?"

Essentially, because you are enthusiastic about taking your learning further and gaining higher qualifications; you feel that Abbeyfield School Sixth Form represents the next step in your personal development and will be able to successfully guide you on to the stage after that. You feel Abbeyfield offers a supportive learning environment and you are willing to make your own personal contribution to ensuring that it remains so.

I look forward to receiving your application in due course. Good luck with your mocks and summer examinations!

 Please click here to download an application form: once completed, please e-mail or post to me:

Rachael Dedman,
Head of Sixth Form
Abbeyfield School,

(01604) 763616

Mrs S Cadd
Sixth Form Centre Manager