Fortnightly Timetable Cycle: Week commencing 19th November, Week A
VISITORS to the School: please bring with you one form of identification: e.g, an official identity badge, passport, driving license or a bank card.
School tours are available upon request and we actively encourage parents to visit us during the school day to see us at work.
For all planned school trips – payment of a deposit or payment in full if applicable is required via Parent Pay to secure a place on a trip.


This page outlines key elements that make the community at Abbeyfield Sixth Form friendly and supportive:

  • Leading Students: Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects
  • The Sixth Form Committees
  • VIVO points
  • Facebook

The Leading Students have a significant role in leading the Sixth Form Community. They are appointed on the basis of a letter of application and an interview. They have shown themselves to be committed to seeing the Sixth Form develop still further and to have ideas on how to do it.

Leading Students are valued by both staff and students alike.They take on important organising roles,enabling key events and support mechanisms to be put into place for the benefit of all Sixth Formers (and often people beyond). The benefit for Leading Students is that they develop essential transferable skills which impress universities and employees.They also develop a good deal of self-confidence as a result of taking on (and achieving)the challenges encountered in the role.

Sixth Form Committees

Students within these committees work cohesively on the specific areas below:

(i) Social Issues: The Leading Students help to organise a range of social events to help you de-stress and to make Sixth Form more fun.
(ii) Charity Issues: The Leading Students help to organise charity events to involve other Sixth Formers in raising money for those less fortunate. They will liaise with the appropriate member of staff and the Social Coordinator as these events should have the pay-back of being fun to participate in.
(iii) Sports Events: The Leading Students leads a team to set up inter-form events of a sporty (in its widest sense) nature. They will also look to set up inter-school challenge fixtures outside of the formal PE calendar.

The Sixth Form Council

This is largely made up of elected representatives from each Sixth Form tutor group, but the Leading Students and Sixth Form staff also attend. The council meets on a fortnightly basis. The role of the council is to bring students and staff together to:

  • Discuss issues concerning students
  • Decide on positive solutions
  • Work towards those solutions
  • Vivo Points

Vivo points are the reward for your hard work! They are designed to foster some friendly competition between students and form groups. Prizes are awarded at the end of each term- for the winning form and for the best two individuals. They also have different points allowances to help the Sixth Form meet its priorities.


The Sixth Form has a lively Facebook page where the students and staff exchange ideas and information. There is also a gallery of photo-albums showing all the diffferent things we get up to. As a prospective student, you can apply to join. Contact 'Abbeyfield Sixth Form' on Facebook to get regular updates on life in the Sixth Form.