VE Day Celebrations

May 8th 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 (in Europe). There had been plans for street parties and celebrations to commemorate this event. Of course, given the current situation all of these events have been cancelled. Celebrations will now take place in August to coincide with VJ Day.

However, at Abbeyfield School we believe it is still important to celebrate this anniversary and hope that many of you will join in the celebrations, bringing the community together.

The government has launched a VE Day celebration website with the idea that we can have a ‘stay at home street party’ to mark the anniversary. To help prepare for the commemorative weekend there is a party pack to help get you started while you #StayHomeSaveLives.

The government website has lots of ideas for bunting, music , colouring pages for kids (and adults) and 1940s recipes.

Other websites with some good ideas are:

If you want to participate, please send us your photos so we can share them on the Abbeyfield School Facebook page.  

Mrs. Casey

Time Capsule – VE 75

We are also hoping to put together a VE ‘75’ Time Capsule to mark the event and invite pupils to make contributions to the capsule. Contributions could include:

  • Composing a song
  • Devising a recipe using ingredients available at the time  
  • Recording a news report about the event  
  • Designing bunting
  • Writing a diary entry  
  • Creating a collage from old images  
  • Creating a VE Day TikTok
  • Or any other ideas you may have.

Please email any contributions to: Mrs Casey

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