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Timetable - Fortnightly Cycle

Week commencing Monday 24 November - Week B

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Students are reminded that hoodies, denim coats and jackets must not be worn on the school site. A watch and no more than one stud earring in each earlobe are the only acceptable jewellery. Extreme hair colouring, shaved areas and facial piercings are not permitted.   

Please contact the school by telephone or email if you require disabled parking access for any event.  

School Blazers




Dear Parents 

Since the launch of the new uniform we have been concerned about a number of faults appearing with the cording on the blazers and over the last few weeks we have been investigating the situation to understand the reason behind this. We have now pinpointed the cause of the fault to a faulty batch of cord which when inserted is fraying, meaning the cord is falling away from the jacket.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing which blazers have been made with this faulty cord and whilst we have only had a lesser percentage returned we are left with no option but to remake the whole production.

Please accept our humble apologies for this mistake, but may we assure you that we take the situation very seriously and are very disappointed to have troubled Abbeyfield School and its parents with this problem, especially so soon after the huge delight in unveiling the new uniform.

We expect the new delivery of blazers to be with us at the end of the year and will be reissuing blazers to every pupil at the start of the Spring Tern in January. 

May I again take this opportunity to apologise to the school and its parents for this situation which we are rectifying as swiftly as possible.

Mark Stevenson

Managing Director, Stevensons   



Abbeyfield's GCSE Results Success


Year 11 Exam Results Day from Chronicle & Echo Aug 2014.jpg 
Back: Left to right: Lucy Gray, Danielle Groves and Elise Webb. Front: Left to right: Sharoon Lassen, Rio Malcom and Mahmood Abubakar

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